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We give solutions to the educator’s problems.

Let’s answer these questions first:

What is Tinusaur, and what is it good for?

(1) Tinusaur is a mixture of physical products, educational content, professional services, and platforms that could jump-start your STEM initiatives.

(2) Tinusaur was built by teachers for teachers – we first created it to address our own needs and then decided to share it with everyone else.

Over the past several years, we refined our products and tools and tested them in practice. After the positive outcome we oversaw, we felt confident to share it with the rest of the world.

Here are the three essential components that we give you:

STEM product

A real educational product developed by a team of skilled educators with many years of practical experience.


Adaptable and ready to be used in class curriculum. Developed for teachers by teachers and tested in practice.

Training for

Extensive online teacher training based on our original STEM methodology includes theory, practice, and certification.

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