Addition Shield PROTOx80

The Addition Shield PROTOx80 is a prototyping board that could be used to create custom projects and solutions with your Tinusaur main board. It is a set of a prototype board and two headers – you must gather your electronic components depending on what you intend to build.

IMPORTANT: To use this shield board, you must also have a Tinusaur main board, as it is mounted on top of it.

  • The Addition Shield PROTOx80 is suitable for 5th-grade students or older.
  • Assembling the board takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

The Shield PROTOx80 board is mounted on top of the Tinusaur main board. The additional components you solder (depending on what you’re trying to achieve) will be connected to the ATtiny85 Input/Output pins. For example, that could be a custom solution with 4 LEDs.


(1) Assembling the Shield PROTOx80 board and learning the basics of soldering, where and how to place electronic components on the PCB.

(2) Input/Output pins. Learn what Input/Output pins are and what function they have on ATtiny85 in particular.

Tinusaur Shield PROTOx80

The PROTOx80 board is an excellent addition to your Tinusaur kit and will help you learn how to create your own shield boards for your custom solutions. For example, that could be a non-standard sensor you might need for a project.

Tinusaur Shield PROTOx80

Technical description and contents

The Addition Shield PROTOx80 package consists of just a few components.

  • PCB PROTOx80
  • Header 2×5 Male – 1pcs.
  • Header 2×4 Male – 1pcs.

IMPORTANT: The product you get might have slight differences from what you see in the pictures or the detailed description. The functionality remains as described.


We prepared very detailed instructions for assembling and using all the boards and other items in the kit. They are available in PDF and other formats.

For some of the boards and other items, we also produced detailed instructions and other helpful materials in a video format, available on YouTube or our website.

Docs & Specs
Additional resources such as specifications, technical descriptions, sample programs, and other useful materials are available on our website.

Development Environment
We created the Blocktinu, developed specifically for the Tinusaur boards, allowing you to create programs using blocks (similar to Scratch) and directly in the C language.

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