Tinusaur Lab x8+

The Tinusaur Lab is a set of tools, materials, and other classroom supplies needed to assemble and work with the Tinusaur kits. Those are soldering irons, power supplies, cables, wire cutters, solder wire, measuring devices, and other tools and supplies.

SIZE: Depending on the option selected at purchase, this set provides tools and materials for 6 to 12 workspots.

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  • The Tinusaur Lab set is suitable for 4th to 12th-grade students.
  • We work with it throughout the school year whenever we need the tools in the set.

While the Tinusaur kits are individual supplies for each student, the tools and materials in the Tinusaur Lab set are used by all the students throughout the school year.

The Tinusaur Lab set is used:

(1) When we assemble (solder) the boards from the Tinusaur kits.

(2) When we have to repair one of the boards in cases where it does not work correctly.

(3) When we work on individual or team projects, and we have to build a non-standard circuit.

(4) When we conduct experiments that require measuring physical quantities, such as voltage, current, resistance, temperature, etc..

Tinusaur Lab - Classroom Set

A set of tools and appliances for the classroom – workspots with soldering irons, containing N-number of sets: soldering iron, cable, power supply, wire cutters, stand, cleaning sponge. It also contains: solder wire, spare solder iron tips, a solder pump, many spare parts, a multimeter, tweezers, pliers, sandpaper, work soldering pads, etc..

Technical description and contents

Expect more detailed information soon.

Tinusaur Lab - Classroom Set

IMPORTANT: The product you get might have slight differences from what you see in the pictures or the detailed description. The functionality remains as described.

The Tinusaur Lab Set helps you keep everything organized and tidy in your classroom.


We prepared very detailed instructions for assembling and using all the boards and other items in the kit. They are available in PDF and other formats.

For some of the boards and other items, we also produced detailed instructions and other helpful materials in a video format, available on YouTube or our website.

Additional resources such as specifications, technical descriptions, sample programs, and other useful materials are available on our website.

Development Environment
We created the Blocktinu, developed specifically for the Tinusaur boards, allowing you to create programs using blocks (similar to Scratch) and directly in the C language.

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