USB Programmer USBasp

The USB Programmer type USBasp is an external USB device that creates a connection between your computer (via the USB port) and your Tinusaur board. It is used for transferring the binary code (the machine code) of the programs you created to your Tinusaur board microcontroller.

The programmer is part of some of the Tinusaur Starter kits, so please check the product description before considering buying it.

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  • The USB Programmer is suitable for all versions of the Tinusaur Main Board, Kids.Micro, Kids.Mini and others.
  • It is used for transferring the code of your program to the microcontroller board.

You will need the USB Programmer every time you want to transfer the binary (machine) code of your program from your computer to the microcontroller board.


(1) Drivers. For the Programmer to work under Windows, you must install suitable drivers for the device. There is a very detailed user guide on how to do that.

(2) Uploader. For convenience, while working with the Tinusaur development environment called Blocktinu, you must install the Uploder software that is part of the Blocktinu Tools for Windows package. There is a very detailed user guide on how to do that.

(3) Using it. While using the Blocktinu development environment, you only need to Build your program and open the BTHEX file the platform produces. The Uploader will take it from there and transfer it to your Tinusaur board via the USB Programmer.

Utility Package USB Programmer USBasp

Under Linux (various flavors), you don’t need to install a driver as it comes with the operating system. Keep in mind that we currently do not have an Uploader script for Linux, so you’ll have to use command line tools to upload your code to the microcontroller.

Utility Package USB Programmer USBasp

Technical description and contents

The USB Programmer type USBasp consists of a USB device (board) and a cable.

  • USBasp Programmer with USB interface.
  • Flat 10-wire cable with connectors on both ends.

IMPORTANT: The product you get might have slight differences from what you see in the pictures or the detailed description. The functionality remains as described.


We prepared very detailed instructions for assembling and using all the boards and other items in the kit. They are available in PDF and other formats.

For some of the boards and other items, we also produced detailed instructions and other helpful materials in a video format, available on YouTube or our website.

Docs & Specs
Additional resources such as specifications, technical descriptions, sample programs, and other useful materials are available on our website.

Development Environment
We created the Blocktinu, developed specifically for the Tinusaur boards, allowing you to create programs using blocks (similar to Scratch) and directly in the C language.

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