What is the Tinusaur’s concept?

The Tinusaur stands out as a distinctive fusion of three key components, contributing to its exceptional value within an educational STEM setting:

1 Physical Product: An electronic circuit board – a miniature computer that everyone assembles by soldering the components with a soldering iron. Then, they learn how to program it with blocks similar to Scratch, create exciting and practical projects, and learn the basics of entrepreneurship.

  • Electronic circuit board;
  • Miniature computer for everyone;
  • Assembles by soldering;
  • Learn how to program it with;
  • Create exciting and practical projects;
  • Learn the basics of entrepreneurship.

2 Learning Content: A set of lessons created by educators for educators, consisting of 4 learning levels that could cover up to 4 school semesters, depending on the intensity of the course. The content could be adapted for ages 9 to 19.

  • Set of lessons for use in class;
  • Created by educators for educators;
  • Consisting of 4 learning levels;
  • Could cover up to 4 school semesters;
  • It could be adapted for ages 9 to 19.

3 Training for Educators: An intensive course for teachers to learn how to assemble the boards, program them, and work on projects in an entrepreneurial spirit. They also learn how to take advantage of the innovative methodology the Tinusaur team developed for teaching STEM.

  • An intensive course for teachers;
  • Learn how to assemble the boards;
  • Learn how to program them;
  • Learn how to work on projects;
  • Learn how to inspire entrepreneurship;
  • Learn innovative STEM methodology.

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